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Another member of my family diagnosed with                                  Parkinson's Disease  

wich brings into question, is Parkinson's disease hereditary?

As far as I know, non of grandparents or uncles have shown a symptom.  It cannot be a coincidence that this member of my family has the same   illness that he has seen me with for 27 years.  My daughters are now double frighten to learn that  they may carry this disease in their genes.  But, when I wanted to have children, Dr. Posner, a neurologist did a gene test to see any abnormalities and he saw none.

I tell my girls not to panic, and to the other member i wish him the best and my support. 

2013 - not a good year

Car accident-Change of theThird DBS battery surgery

It has been quite a long time that I don't write, it has been a bumpy journey for  me.  

I was doing more or less as predicted until I was hit by a car, on a windy day of August 23, 2013 at around 5:30pm.  My right leg was broken to pieces, to my surprise, that was all the damage done but what  

I didn't expect how much time it would take me to  recover. Altogether, it took 5 months to get out of a rehabilitation center and continue to receive therapy at home.

 In between those 5 months, i had my DBS batteries replaced for the third time.  The surgery went well without complications and the adjustment that the doctor gave was working so well on me, but I question, how many  times can a scar be open?  I had  my batteries from my chess replaced three ttmes and i think they should relocate them.  I guess I am one of the long lasting patient with Parkinson's disease; 27 years!  I you can answer my question or want to make any comments, please, do so. Thanks mom, for your endless support¡                           


1                   2/2012                                                                                O PEN LETTER TO ALL:

As we gather together to hope for the cure, I have to let you knoaw that Parkinson has awaken again and my health is deteriorating at an alarming pace.  I just hope that I can rest in peace knowing that there wont be another person suffering from Parkinson's Disease.  I've been living with this monster for 26 yearsI

by Elena Tuero

l keep this site with the intentions to bring awareness,  support, information, inspiration to anyone that has been diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease, their friends and family.  I will narrate my life's experiences

through essays.


I was only 26 years of age. I had experience almost every aspect of the disease until I could not tolerate it anymore. I had tried any known therapy to ease my sympton. Nothing help, I even tried suicide. I was in the late stage of the disease, I had almost lost all my precious  faculties, until one Summer day in 2003, I had a brain surgery that changed my life and shook no more..


 I dedicated my time to help other Pa rkinson's  patients by raising awareness, inspiring, supporting.. 

I had donated many of my paintings to Parkinson's Disease Organizations to help raise funds for the cure. 
                                                                                                                     Blanca Elena Tuero Luna
                   I was born in Lima, Peru


by Elena Tuero
Oil paint by Elena Tuero

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